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The Fosse Trinity News is a community magazine,
for Ditcheat, East Pennard, Pylle, Alhampton and Wraxall.
It is financed by advertising and donations, run by volunteers and
is delivered FREE to over 650 households, at a cost of £1 per magazine.

We welcome contributions from anyone in the community, of any age!
We look forward to hearing from you.

All contributions should be sent by email, click here , by 10th of each month,
or to The Editors, Alham House, Alhampton, BA4 6PY.
Notes and a Page template for contributors.

For enquiries about advertising in the magazine, please email click here .
Closing date for inclusion in the magazine is 10th of each month
Advert sizes & prices.

We do rely on your donations, so if you can, please give generously. Thank you.

Donations, large or small may be given to:

Your distributor    Rendezvous     Ditcheat Village Lunch     Ditcheat Farm Shop

or sent to:- The FTN Treasurer, 93 Wand Road, Wells BA5 1RN
Replacement envelopes can also be obtained from the treasurer. click here

If you would prefer to set up a standing order or pay by bank transfer, please contact the treasurer.

We are a small team and do need volunteers to keep the magazine going.
If you are able to help please contact the editor by email click here

For distribution problems, please email click here

For enquires about the web site, to request notification of next magazine availability
or to unsubscribe from notifications, please email click here

For all other enquiries, please email click here