Serving the communities of Ditcheat, East Pennard, Pylle, Alhampton and Wraxall.


Many volunteers work hard each month to ensure the Fosse Trinity News is delivered safely to your house. We thought you might be interested to see how it all happens.

The editors collect and sort all the incoming articles and the treasurer sorts out the adverts. Articles and adverts
are collated over three or four days, and prepared for publication. The diary, directory and advert list are also updated.

The FTN Team made up of the chairman, the editors, the treasurer, the distributor and others meet, around the deadline date, to discuss the current copy, ensure there is enough for the next issue, check the finances and plan distribution dates and numbers; all with the encouragement of a glass of wine (or two!)! Draft copies are printed and given to two people to proof read. The editors then correct the proof as required. The approved proof is then electronically sent to the printer for the production of nearly 700 copies, at £1 each, plus 1 large print version. These are then collected and sorted into boxes for the distributors. 40 distributors deliver a free copy to every house in the Benefice. A few copies are posted to our link parish in Zambia.

As you can see, we now have our own web page, so anyone can view current and past copies of our magazine.

Below is a list of our advert sizes and a page size template for contributors.

Page template
for contributors.

Advert sizes
& prices.

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